My Selling Tools Option Missing – PayPal

Hey everyone,

For some reason the “My Selling Tools” option is now missing on my production account. Unfortunately the only way to get around this that I’ve come across is to access the required features directly. For example:

API Access:

If you’ve got any other links that might be useful please let me know and I’ll add them.

9 thoughts on “My Selling Tools Option Missing – PayPal

  1. mgotlib

    Thanks for this, was looking everywhere, the instructions say: Navigate to My Selling Tools by selecting My Account > Profile > My Selling Tools, BUT THERE IS NOTHING IN MY NAVIGATION!!

    Must say, I started out by integrating Braintree payment system into my site, the whole process took me, one hour, maybe two. PayPal where I don’t even process the payment on my own site has taken me days….documentation is plentiful, plenty shit…Braintree has been purchased by PayPal, hope they’re not going to end up the same way…


  2. Susan Taunton

    Thank you so much for this link! I searched and searched to no avail on the new PayPal site and was very thankful to finally find this via a Google on your blog. Much gratitude!!


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