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Timepicker Directive (AngularJS)
Random Class Directive (AngularJS)



A continuation of www.learnerlessons.com.au. This site allows lesson providers (particularly driving instructors) to embed a shopping cart on their website with a single line of code. Utilises a short client side script to create a seamless iframe shopping cart and payment system.

Event Dingo

An event management system designed to give organizers the tools they need to scale their groups. Participating venues list their products and specials and pay organizers a commission based on any sales. Experimentation is encouraged through the use of crowd funding, rewards and fully refundable reserves.

Tech used:

  • .NET Web API
  • RDS (SQL Server)
  • Cloudfront
  • S3
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • ReactJS
  • Material UI
  • Assembly Payments
  • Route 53

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