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This type of fee payer x isn’t recognized by our system – PayPal Adaptive Payments SDK

Hey everyone,

Just another Adaptive Payments SDK error I’ve run into.

Error Id: 560027
This type of fee payer x isn’t recognized by our system

This one is fairly self explanatory, valid values are as follows:

SENDER – Sender pays all fees (for personal, implicit simple/parallel payments; do not use for chained or unilateral payments)
PRIMARYRECEIVER – Primary receiver pays all fees (chained payments only)
EACHRECEIVER – Each receiver pays their own fee (default, personal and unilateral payments)
SECONDARYONLY – Secondary receivers pay all fees (use only for chained payments with one secondary receiver)

This parameter is described in the following documentation:

Cannot parse *.config file – AdaptivePayments SDK (PayPal)

Hey everyone,

Just working on a small project that uses PayPal’s C# AdaptivePayments SDK. I hit an error while attempting to make the following payment:

var service = new AdaptivePaymentsService();
payResponse = service.Pay(payRequest);
“Cannot parse *.config file. Ensure you have configured the ‘paypal’ section correctly.”

at PayPal.Manager.ConfigManager..ctor()
at PayPal.Manager.ConfigManager.get_Instance()
at PayPal.BasePayPalService..ctor()
at PayPal.AdaptivePayments.AdaptivePaymentsService..ctor()

It turns out that you need to add the following entries to your Web.config:

<!-- Under configuration > configSections. Add the following entry -->
<section name="paypal" type="PayPal.Manager.SDKConfigHandler, PayPalCoreSDK" requirePermission="false"></section>
<!-- Under configuration. Add the following entry and modify to suit your app -->
      <add name="endpoint" value=""/>
      <add name="AdaptivePayments" value=""/>
      <add name="connectionTimeout" value="360000"/>
      <add name="requestRetries" value="3"/>
      <add name="IPAddress" value=""/><!-- May need to change this depending on your configuration -->
      <account apiUsername="xxx" apiPassword="xxx" apiSignature="xxx" applicationId="APP-80W284485P519543T"/>

To get the account information you’ll need to do the following:
– Go to
– Login to your sandbox account
– Go to the dashboard
– Select accounts (from the list of all your sandbox accounts)
– Create a new one or select an existing business account
– Click profile
– Click API Credentials

Note that the steps required to get this configuration seem to change all the time. Hopefully this will be enough to get you on the right track.

Select Not Showing Selected Values – AngularJs

Hey everyone,

I had a bit of trouble getting a selected option to show up with AngularJs. It turned out that I needed to add an ng-selected attribute:

    <select ng-model="command.Status">
        <option ng-selected="command.Status == 0" value="0">Enabled</option>
        <option ng-selected="command.Status == 1" value="1">Disabled</option>
        <option ng-selected="command.Status == 2" value="2">Deleted</option>

Check out this Stackoverflow post for more info: