I’m a junior PeopleSoft developer in Australia, currently learning Ruby on Rails in my spare time. This blog is basically just a means to document what I learn/break along the way – kind of hoping it’ll also help pay for my coffee!

Hey everyone, I’ve since moved onto C# and MVC4+. Rails doesn’t seem to be quite big enough in Queensland and I’ve accepted a job using a mostly Microsoft stack. The Rails stuff will stay up and I’ll try to keep my front end posts as generic as I can but the backend stuff will be in C# from now on.

Good luck to those of you that stick with Rails and thanks for all your support over the last couple of years!


Online Tax File Number Generator
Timepicker Directive (AngularJS)
Random Class Directive (AngularJS)

Current Project


A continuation of www.learnerlessons.com.au. This site allows lesson providers (particularly driving instructors) to embed a shopping cart on their website with a single line of code. Utilises a short client side script to create a seamless iframe shopping cart and payment system.


profile for Buzzology at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

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